Dustin, Johnny and Mario did such a wonderful installation of our turf. They worked like a well oiled team to prepare our site. I was amazed at how much work is involved in the preparation of the site for the turf. The site is so level after all of the road base was compacted and many checks with the string level at various locations. They took the time to make sure it was right. Attention to details and quality workmanship. The results are a beautiful installation that is pleasing to look at and walk on. Our dog Pebbles just loves to play fetch and now she has a safe place to play. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Dustin, Johnny and Mario are just a pleasure to watch. They were so polite and looked after every detail so our project would come out just the way we envisioned. They have exceeded our expectations! The turf is just beautiful! We look forward to many years of enjoyment on our new turf!